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BulletWater treatment plants (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn-key projects).

BulletSewage Treatment Plant (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn-key projects).

BulletPotable Water and Sewage Pumping Stations (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn key projects).

BulletPipe Network and pipelines for Potable, Irrigation, Sewage and desalinate Water.

BulletSea-water and low-salinity water desalination plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact sewage waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact potable water, treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletIndustrial waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletOperation and maintenance works.

BulletElectro-mechanical supplies of all types and uses.

BulletManufactured items of all types and uses.

Horse Alex

Horse Engineering Works Alex. was incorporated as an agent supplying electro-mechanical plant for water treatment, waste water and pumping stations.
The company scope of work soon rapidly expanded to include mainly designing and constructing electro-mechanical and civil works, supplying and installing all pumping and water treatments plants (purification, waste water, industrial waste, desalination), operating and maintaining such plants, manufacturing electro-mechanical plant necessary for such plants and providing after-sale services.

Sttaf and Departments
Water Pic   Since its inception, our company has been cognizant of the fact that human resources are the core asset of any corporate entity. Therefore, the company has always exercised great care  and diligence  its staff.
Fields of Work

Water Treatment Plants


Sewage Treatment Plants


Potable Water and  Sewage Pumping Stations


Pipe Networks and Gravity Pipelines


Operation and maintenance works.


Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

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Company's Activities
Water Treatment Plants and Pipe Networks
Sewage Treatment Plants and Pipe Networks and Gravity Plants
Sea and Well Water Desalination
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