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Horse Alex

Horse Engineering Works Alex. was incorporated as an agent supplying electro-mechanical plant for water treatment, waste water and pumping stations.
The company scope of work soon rapidly expanded to include mainly designing and constructing electro-mechanical and civil works, supplying and installing all pumping and water treatments plants (purification, waste water, industrial waste, desalination), operating and maintaining such plants, manufacturing electro-mechanical plant necessary for such plants and providing after-sale services.

Horse Engineering Works Alex is one of the leading companies in this field. The company has gained valuable experience due to its involvement for long years in this area, its direct access to both domestic and international markets as shown by its pre-qualification statement. The company also maintains strong links with various communications, information and experience exchange networks as well as presence in domestic and international fairs and exhibitions.
 The company is also well-versed  in products available in world markets and how suitable they are to local market and climate, thanks to its worldwide contacts and wealth of world-class, experienced domestic and foreign staff.

The company strictly adopted a clear-cut policy of satisfying customer’s  needs at the highest possible quality, and maintaining the company's reputation. To this end, the company has adopted a number of approaches, which, combined make up a well-knit quality system as follows:
- compliance with quality policy at corporate level.
- inspection and authorization of all equipments on all production phases, starting from schematic design up to delivery to customer.
- inspection and authorization of all plant imported by international inspection bureaus or corporate quality department.
- application of total quality management policy to all departments of the company,
-giving deep attention to after-sale service  
In view of the fact that the company's policy and goals are congruous with international quality standards, the company was keen on applying ISO quality standards. Thus, in 1998, the company was awarded ISO 9001 certificate by SGS International and was accordingly one of the first holders of such certificate in this field. Since then, the company has well maintained certification requirements as shown by SGS biannual monitoring. Then, the company's quality system was updated to conform with ISO 9001:2000 standard specification. As a result, the company was granted the most recent issue of the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate on February 29, 2004.

Based on the nature of the company's business and thanks to its keenness on compliance with enviromental laws and legislation and its commitment to environmental conservation, it has always sought to put in place an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 specification. The company did actually obtain the environmental compliance certification  on October 6, 2004.


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