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BulletWater treatment plants (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn-key projects).

BulletSewage Treatment Plant (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn-key projects).

BulletPotable Water and Sewage Pumping Stations (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn key projects).

BulletPipe Network and pipelines for Potable, Irrigation, Sewage and desalinate Water.

BulletSea-water and low-salinity water desalination plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact sewage waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact potable water, treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletIndustrial waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletOperation and maintenance works.

BulletElectro-mechanical supplies of all types and uses.

BulletManufactured items of all types and uses.

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Fabricated Items

In view our interest in promoting local products, our company has adopted the policy to Fabricated some plant used in water stations (water treatment, desalination & pumping), using the best and environment-friendly raw materials and processes.
These include the following :

  • Manual screens .
  • Mechanical screens.
  • Sand and oil separators.
  • Primary sedimentation units.
  • Final sedimentation units.
  • Sludge condensers.
  • Flash  mixers.
  • Sedimentation equipments.
  • Low speed vertical and horizontal mixers.
  • Sand filters.
  • Surface Aerators.
  • Rectangular and circular pinstocks.
  • Sewage pumps with various capacities.
  • Potable water pumps.
  • Water plant filter control panels.
  • Low-voltage panels.
  • Pipe joints with diameters varying from 100mm to 1,200mm for dismantling and installation purposes.
  • Expansion joints of 100mm-1,200mm diameter.
  • Valves Gate of  various diameters.
  • Overhead cranes of 1 ton-10 ton capacities.

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