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BulletWater treatment plants (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn-key projects).

BulletSewage Treatment Plant (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn-key projects).

BulletPotable Water and Sewage Pumping Stations (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn key projects).

BulletPipe Network and pipelines for Potable, Irrigation, Sewage and desalinate Water.

BulletSea-water and low-salinity water desalination plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact sewage waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact potable water, treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletIndustrial waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletOperation and maintenance works.

BulletElectro-mechanical supplies of all types and uses.

BulletManufactured items of all types and uses.

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Compact Portable Water Treatment Plants

The water treatment plants having relatively small capacities are necessary to be used in small residential areas as remote villages or in resorts and tourist villages where the extending of supplying networks from the center plants costs a lot .That is why it is very important .
    Our scope of work in this field consists of the design ,supply ,erect and also manufacturing for some of the equipments as follows :

  • Pumping station at plants in take .
  • Clarifiers.
  • Filtration works.
  • Sterilization and chemical injection works.
  • Filtered water and distribution tank works.
  • Laboratory equipment, furnishing plant, maintenance workshops, and safety plant.
  • Electro-hydraulic inter-station linkage works.
  • Electrical works.
  • Tank and pond works.
  • Replacement, renovation, up grading and expansion works for existing plants.
  • Civil construction works.
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