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BulletWater treatment plants (civil, electro-mechanical works, turn-key projects).

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BulletPipe Network and pipelines for Potable, Irrigation, Sewage and desalinate Water.

BulletSea-water and low-salinity water desalination plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact sewage waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletCompact potable water, treatment plants, turn-key projects.

BulletIndustrial waste water treatment plants, turn-key projects.

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Horse Alex

Name of company Horse Engineering Works Alex. Company (S.A.E.)
Company’s activity An engineering company operating in the field of potable water, waste water and industrial waste treatment contracting
Company’s Nature An Egyptian joint-stack company incorporated under Law No. 159 of 1981, subject to the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1991.
Date of Establishment 1985
Delegated Member Mr. Mohammed Abdel-Razeq Khalil
Number of staff

1,300 including technical, administrative, financial and executive staff.

Company's capital

Authorized capital; L.E. 20 million

Commercial registration No. 28722, Investment Commercial Registration
Tax card No. 978, Investment Tax Directorate, Alexandria
Membership of the Egyptian Federation of Building and Construction Contractors

Card No. 4400 (Class A)

Date of “ISO 9001” certification February 1998, updated in February 2004
Date of “ISO 14001”certifications October 2004
Company headquarter  (Cairo) 51 Mohy El Din Abou El Ezz st, El- Mohandiseen, Cairo
Telephone No.: (202)76 22 170, 76 22 171
Cell phone      : 010 16 29 444.
Fax No.           : (202) 76 21 905
Company headquarter (Alexandria) 19, Sa'ad Zaghloul Square,
Telephone No.: (203) 48 39 358 , 48 39 359
Fax No.           : (203) 48 39 337
Maintenance centers and stores New borg el-Arab city, industrial Zone II
Telephone No.: (203) 45 91 476, 45 93 604
El-Ras El-Souda Castinia, Telephone No.: (203) 533 8561
Main Banks   - Arab African Bank, Alexandria branch
- Egyptian Commercial Bank, Alexandria branch
- National Bank Societe General Bank, Alexandria branch
- Export Development Bank of Egypt, Alexandria branch
- Arab Banking Corporation Bank, Alexandria branch
- Misr-Romania Bank, Alexandria branch
- Egyptian-Arab Real-Estate Bank, Alexandria branch
- Egyptian-Arab Real-estate Bank, El- mohandiseen branch, Cairo
- National Development Bank, Bab El-Louq branch, Cairo
- Bank of Alexandria, El-Dokki branch, Cairo


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